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Find a Pharmacy or Drug Store in Canada

Pharmacist Directory provides the names, numbers, directions, and other contact details for 1000s of pharmacies in Canada. There is also a map to each pharmacist or a website for an online Canadian pharmacy.

Find a pharmacy of any almost type in Canada including Late night pharmacy, 24 hour pharmacy /Emergency pharmacy, Brick and mortar pharmacy, Online Canadian pharmacy, Discount pharmacy, Local pharmacy, neighbourhood pharmacy, Late night drug store, 24 hour drug store, Emergency drug store, Brick and mortar drug store, Online Canadian drug store, Discount drug store, Local drug store and neighbourhood drug store

We also provide reviews of drug stores and pharmacies provided by clients.

Note: we do not provide information on American pharmacies, Mexican pharmacies or other "overseas pharmacies". A pharmacy in Canada is staffed by qualified pharmacists who are permitted to dispense drugs. They cannot prescribe drugs on the spot, nor will they provide over the counter medicine (OTC) to those without a prescription. It is now rare to see an online Canadian pharmacist that serves other countries.

pharmacists by Province or Territory

Quebec Pharmacies - 3271
Ontario Pharmacies - 2534
Alberta Pharmacies - 757
British Columbia Pharmacies - 666
Saskatchewan Pharmacies - 307
Manitoba Pharmacies - 263
Nova Scotia Pharmacies - 187
New Brunswick Pharmacies - 144
Newfoundland Pharmacies - 98
Prince Edward Island Pharmacies - 17
Northwest Territories Pharmacies - 8
Yukon Pharmacies - 5
Nunavut Pharmacies - 2

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Name : Pharmaprix
Address: 5650 Jean Talon Estate
City: Montreal, QC
Phone: 514-252-7000


Montreal (593 Pharmacies)
Toronto (339 Pharmacies)
Calgary (189 Pharmacies)
Edmonton (160 Pharmacies)
Scarborough (131 Pharmacies)
Quebec (131 Pharmacies)
Winnipeg (128 Pharmacies)
Mississauga (128 Pharmacies)
North York (121 Pharmacies)
Laval (116 Pharmacies)

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Other Provinces

Quebec (3271 Pharmacies)
Ontario (2534 Pharmacies)
Alberta (757 Pharmacies)
British Columbia (666 Pharmacies)
Saskatchewan (307 Pharmacies)
Manitoba (263 Pharmacies)
Nova Scotia (187 Pharmacies)
New Brunswick (144 Pharmacies)
Newfoundland (98 Pharmacies)
Prince Edward Island (17 Pharmacies)
Northwest Territories (8 Pharmacies)
Yukon (5 Pharmacies)
Nunavut (2 Pharmacies)

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Have had meds filled there for 10 plus years.......

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This pharmacy has great service. Everyone is......

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